Taiwan Dairy Company

Item Company Name Main Product Website
1 Uni-President Beverages, Dairy products, Animal feed and raw materials , Instant noodles and frozen prepared food http://www.uni-president.com.tw/
2 Kuang Chuan Dairy Co. Milk, Chocolate milk, Red bean milk http://www.kuangchuan.com
3 Kelti nternational Co. (Chulu Ranch)  Chulu milk, Chulu chocolate flavored milk, Chulu condensed milk, Chulu Ranch nougat, Chulu milk pudding, Chulu milk pancake, Chulu yogurt http://www.chuluranch.com
4 Tian Shou Industrial Co.  Golong flavored milk (seven flavors), Golong yogurt, Beneficial bacteria http://www.golong.com.tw
5 Wei Chuan Dairy products, Convenience food and condiments, Beverages, Nutritional supplements http://www.weichuan.com.tw/
6 Taiwan Befitgas Bio-Tech Laboratory Inc. Diluted fermented milk, Yogurt, Juice, Flavored milk http://www.bifido.com.tw
7 Fourways Dairy Ranch Full-fat milk, Low-fat milk, Low-fatyogurt, Fresh milk pudding (originalflavor), Fresh milk pudding chocolate), Milk ice-lollipop, Milk ice cream, Milk bread, Cheese, Whole wheat crackers, Whipped cream http://www.fourways.com.tw/
8 I-Mei Foods Co. Full-fat milk, Full-fat high calcium milk, Low-fat milk, Low-fat high calcium milk, Coffee milk, Chocolate milk http://www.imeifoods.com.tw
9 Standard Foods Taiwan Ltd. Fruit juice, Hokkaido milk, Hokkaido espresso milk, Fresh milk (functional milk), Flavored milk, Milk tea milk http://www.freshdelight.com.tw/
10 Flying Cow Ranch Milk http://www.flyingcow.com.tw/
11 Yunlin Dairy Technology Corp. Fresh milk, Flavored milk, Yogurt http://www.dairy.org.tw/roster/?mode=data&id=26
12 Tai Lung Capital Inc. Ice cream  http://www.poki-meiji.com.tw

Source: Dairy Industry Association of Taiwan