Instruction Manual
The main purpose of this simulation is to help to increase the quality of milk, of your farm, by separating cows with high Somatic Cell Count(SCC) to reduce the average Somatic Cell Count.
1. Please enter the total Somatic Cell Count of Tank milk of your farm, average milk yield of cows and number of cows in milking
2. Next, please fill in cows sequentially by ranking of Somatic Cell Count(to separate cows with high Somatic Cell Count).
3. If unsatisfied with simulation results, go back and modify the number of cows separated by Somatic Cell number.
4. Formula=(Total SCC-Separated group SCC )/total milk yield of remaining cows
Somatic Cell Count/ml
 milk yield, count as Kilograms
 Total SCC, number of cows * average milk yield * average Somatic Cell Count
 Separated group SCC, sum of (SCC * milk yield) of
separated cows
5. Somatic Cell number may vary greatly with time, results of simulation is for your reference only.